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JKA Design

JKA Design

San Francisco, CA

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About JKA Design

JKA Design understands that home is where past and present come together, and the deepest version of self is expressed.

Led by Founder & Principal Designer John K. Anderson, who has over 25 years of design experience, JKA Design has honed a practice of skillfully guiding clients through the process of curating the home for an experience that is both rewarding and effortless. From a neoclassical house shot through with sumptuous French touches, to a century-old home updated to showcase a modern art collection, JKA Design takes cues from a clients’ lived experiences and passions to create interiors that are both timeless and truly personal.

Our practice is based on a highly individual approach to interior design that begins with listening attentively to our clients’ concerns and desires, discerning their interests, and understanding the unique design challenges that must be solved. These details are the building blocks of a true collaboration, blending client tastes and needs with JKA Design’s eclectic blend of mid-century, modern, and classic design principles. Treasured belongings are incorporated with the new to create dynamic, enduring environments that honor where the client has been, and where they would like to go.

A home is more than furnishings; it’s the story you tell about your life. Live your story.