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Nicole Fuller Interiors

Nicole Fuller Interiors

New York, NY

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About Nicole Fuller Interiors

Nicole Fuller Interiors is a full service interior design firm, specializing in luxury residential and commercial interiors. From ground-up construction to smaller decorative installations, the spaces created by Nicole Fuller and her team are powerful and always entirely unique. Nicole Fuller Interiors is best known for seamlessly layering contemporary and traditional motifs, and for bespoke finishes, from custom furnishings to hand-painted wall treatments.

Fuller’s designs do not adhere to any particular style, as every project and space is unique. Having a thirst for new challenges and a desire to push the boundaries, Fuller’s refusal to accept the status quo is what drives her powerful sense of style. Continually allured with the ever-changing market of products and technology, Fuller is particularly adept at using cutting edge materials in original and innovative ways.

Nicole Fuller is a recognized product designer, with multiple collaborations for international manufacturers, as well as an established art consultant with private entrée into the world’s leading galleries and studios. Fuller has four International Property awards, two nominations for London’s prestigious Andrew Martin Designer of the Year award, and was listed by Vogue Magazine as an Interior Design Talent to Watch.

A passionate designer, Fuller has acquired a list of prestigious clients who have an unwavering taste for luxury and an uncompromising attitude toward high-quality design. Fuller’s primary objective is that her clients love the look and feel of their surroundings, and that each space she creates is purposeful and livable. She layers classic elements with modern pieces to create timeless, bespoke interiors.

Nicole Fuller’s work has covered a broad spectrum, from residential interiors to commercial and hospitality spaces, as well as collaborations with top real estate developers. Fuller’s inspiration for design is piqued by her world travels and passion for art, history, and museum-quality furnishings. Incorporating these elements with a restrained hand allows Fuller to create statement spaces that exude luxury, modern glamour and global flair. Nicole Fuller Interiors offers Interior Design, Interior Renovations and New Construction, Artistic Design, Product Design, Textile Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Luxury Lifestyle, and Branding.


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