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Horse George M. Patchen with a Sulkey and Driver Large Weathervane
Horse George M. Patchen with a Sulkey and Drive...
Antique Late 19th Century American Weathervanes
18th-19th Century, French Folk Art Hand-Forged Iron Rooster, Weathervane
18th-19th Century, French Folk Art Hand-Forged ...
Antique Early 19th Century French Folk Art Weathervanes
Beautiful antique hand-forged iron rooster. A rare find. France, circa 1750- 1850 Weathered.
Leaping Stag Weathervane
Leaping Stag Weathervane
Vintage 1970s American Weathervanes
Nice patinated leaping stag weathervane. Dating from the 1970s. It is 32" long x 29" high and 2" deep. The ball and bar have some repair but otherwise good condition and nice large s...
American Copper Trotting Horse Weathervane with Directionals
American Copper Trotting Horse Weathervane with...
Antique Late 19th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
A full bodied copper weathervane with moving directional. No base is included.
Cow Weathervane, Excellent Scale, Great Boxy Form, with Gilded Surface
Cow Weathervane, Excellent Scale, Great Boxy Fo...
Antique 1880s American Weathervanes
Cow weathervane excellent scale, great, boxy form and beautiful, gilded surface, l.W. Cushing and Sons, Boston, circa 1880 Imposing cow weathervane with the sort of boldly exagger...
Horse Weathervane Made of Sheet Bronze with Iron Fittings
Horse Weathervane Made of Sheet Bronze with Iro...
Antique 19th Century Weathervanes
HORSE WEATHERVANE MADE OF SHEET BRONZE WITH IRON FITTINGS AND SUPERB FOLK QUALITY, CA 1840-60: Sheet bronze horse weathervane with beautiful form that borders on a masterpiece lev...
 Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight
Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight
Early 20th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Iconic Fairbury bull windmill weight from Fairbury, Nebraska. This appears to be a more obscure and thicker version of this windmill weight. Great white and black surface paint. Appe...
Wooden Folk Art Plane, circa 1930s
Wooden Folk Art Plane, circa 1930s
Vintage 1930s American Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Sheet Metal, Wood
Large, handcrafted wooden Folk Art plane with articulated pilot and original paint surface. Great hand carved folk art pilot.
19th Century Tinplate Weather-Vane
19th Century Tinplate Weather-Vane
Early 20th Century Spanish Folk Art Weathervanes
Spirited galloping horse topped by a star shape.
American Gilt Copper Full Bodied Running Horse ...
Fiske Or Mott
Antique 1880s American Folk Art Weathervanes
Gold, Copper, Iron
American gilt copper full bodied running horse weathervane with the original Zinc head and mounted on a handmade iron bracket. Attributed to J.W. Fiske and Co. (ACTIVE 1870-1893), Ne...
Classic American Weather Vane
Antique 19th Century American Colonial Weathervanes
A classic American weather vane of a fish possibly a cod for cape cod with excellent patina.
Early 20th Century American Copper Weathervane ...
Early 20th Century American Weathervanes
An early 20th century American copper weathervane in the form of a schooner having wonderful aged patina, circa 1900-1920.
Native American Polychrome Seagrass and Silk Wo...
Native American Art
Mid-20th Century American Native American Decorative Baskets
Silk, Seagrass
Native American polychrome seagrass and silk woven basket. Beautiful round shape with geometric designs woven into the sides. Very fine craft work, great Folk Art collector piece. ...
Unique Copper Weathervane of Squirrel on Iron Base
Vintage 1940s American Folk Art Weathervanes
Copper, Iron
Unique vintage copper weathervane of a squirrel holding a nut. The weathervane has been mounted on an iron base.
Beautiful 19th Century French Weathervane
Antique 19th Century Canadian Weathervanes
Copper, Iron
A very interesting semi abstract design and beautiful verdigris on this 19th century copper weathervane from Quebec. The flag on top first half is copper and the outside part is cast...
Copper and Brass Horse and Sulky Weathervane, G...
Antique 19th Century Folk Art Weathervanes
A copper and brass horse and sulky weathervane, great piece of Folk Art. 16.25" x 33.25" x 10.5".
Weathervane by Walter Ensel, United States, 1960s
Vintage 1960s American Weathervanes
1960s modern weathervane with spinning parts. The base is 18" x18".
19th Century Pig Weathervane with Milk Glass In...
Antique Mid-19th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Copper, Milk Glass, Iron
Rare cast iron directional weather vane. Verdigre copper lightning rod with milk glass insulator ball. Mounted and in working condition, Philadelphia, circa 1830.
19th Century French Folk Art Iron Rooster Weath...
Antique 19th Century French Folk Art Mounted Objects
Beautiful sheet iron (tole) Folk Art iron rooster weathervane with great patina. France circa 1880-1900 extremely weathered, small losses. Measurement with the base.
Antique French Zinc Finial on Stand
Antique Early 1900s French Architectural Elements
Zinc, Plywood
We sourced a small grouping of antique French finials crafted from zinc and created custom bases for them to allow for artful display inside or out. This stunning piece is the larges...
Early 19th Century Copper Eagle, Weather Vane
Antique Mid-19th Century Country Garden Ornaments
Early 19th century copper eagle, weather vane An outstanding English antique weathervane of an eagle with outstretched wings coming in to land. The three dimensional copper bo...
Rooster Weathervane, Lancaster County, Pennsylv...
Antique 1840s American Folk Art Weathervanes
A rooster weathervane from Lancaster, Pennsylvania from the Gibbel-Kreider family farm just south of Manheim. The weathervane remained on the barn until sale of the farm in the mid-2...
Antique 19th Century Sheet Iron Metal Weatherva...
American Art Group
Antique 1890s American Folk Art Weathervanes
Antique 19th century sheet iron metal weathervane fireman great detail Great hands and helmet Measures: 24" tall 20" wide.
19th Century French Folk Art Iron Rooster Weath...
Antique 19th Century French Folk Art Figurative Sculptures
Beautiful sheet iron rooster with great patina. Early blacksmith made and truly a one of a kind weathervane, France, circa 1800 Measurement is inclusive the wooden base.
Whirligig Depicts Woman Churning Butter, Americ...
Vintage 1940s American Folk Art Weathervanes
Ubiquitous 20th century theme for whirligigs, this example depicts a woman churning butter, with the action being driven by wind powered four blade propellers in the front. As the wi...
Banner Red Glass Arrow Weathervane, circa 1880
Antique 1880s American Folk Art Weathervanes
Glass, Iron
Diminutive arrow directional banner weathervane with original red glass inserted in an iron frame perimeter, with a cast iron arrow design on each corner. The red glass has a deeply ...
Polo Weathervane
Early 20th Century American Weathervanes
Sheet metal weathervane. Three players with ball in play, circa 1920, in the style of Todd hunter, provanance, M.J. Knoud Madison Ave., NYC.
Fine Painted Metal New England Weathervane
Vintage 1930s Weathervanes
A fine painted metal sheet Weathervane representing a setter. Nice patina, paint loss and rust, with all directional arrows, on wooden base, circa 1930s.  
Folk Art Windmill Sculpture
20th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Iron, Tin
Folk Art windmill sculpture.
Diminutive Cockerel Weathervane Silhouette
Mid-20th Century English Weathervanes
Painted, patinated sheet metal stylised cockerel weathervane, diminutive in scale, more than likely from atop a chicken coop. Later contemporary stand. Measurement includes stand, En...
Tall Zinc Bird on a Sphere with a Stand
Antique Late 19th Century French Weathervanes
Zinc, Wood
A wonderful rendition of a bird sitting atop and globe and set on a wooden stand. Great detail and patina of this vintage decoration.
Full Rig American Ship Weathervane, circa 1930-...
Early 20th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Made of copper retaining its original white paint and gold leaf showing a nice weathered surface. American.  
Golden Retriever Carved Silhouette with Verdigr...
21st Century and Contemporary American Folk Art Animal Sculptures
Carved and painted from pine by renowned and well collected artist Will Kautz. His Verdigris paint is achieved through numerous layers of green, amber and yellows. Measures: 37” x...
French Zinc Weathervane Finial with All Directi...
Early 20th Century French Architectural Elements
A French zinc weathervane finial from the early 20th century. This simple finial doubles as a weathervane with the French letters for the four different directions – N for Nord, S fo...
Rooster Weathervane, circa 1900
Antique Late 19th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Handmade sheet iron rooster weathervane in silhouette form with exaggerated spurs in a weathered gilt finish. Mounted on a turned wooden base American, circa 1890-1910 Measures: 21...
Monumental Double-Sided Rooster Weathervane Han...
Vintage 1920s American Folk Art Weathervanes
A very large solid painted wood decorative art piece (possibly a pub sign). Both sides display a three dimensional giltwood rooster weathervane in relief. The piece hangs from the to...
French Zinc Rooster Weathervane on Black Marble...
Early 20th Century French Animal Sculptures
Zinc, Marble
A French zinc rooster weathervane on marble base from the early 20th century. Our rooster, the French national emblem, is represented here crowing. The depiction is quite realistic a...
Awesome Americana Weathervane Arrow
Antique Late 19th Century American Weathervanes
Awesome Americana hand made robust metal Arrow with wooden paddle as feathers and wind catcher. Great look better in person because it has real substance to it not flat like it look...
19th Century Cornish Copper Folk Art Steam Trai...
Antique Late 19th Century Folk Art Weathervanes
19th century Cornish copper Folk Art steam train, locomotive weathervane The model steam train at the top of this Weathervane is hand made in Cornish copper, the Locomotive is qui...
Fine Antique 19th Century Ebonized with Mother-...
Early 20th Century Neoclassical Scientific Instruments
A fine antique 19th century ebonized with mother-of-pearl decorated barometer having incredible inlays.
Hummingbird Whirligig Found in New York State, ...
Early 20th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Turn of the century hummingbird whirligig with original paint surface. Found in New York State.
Late 19th Century Early 20th Century Rooster We...
Antique Late 19th Century Weathervanes
Late 19th century early 20th century rooster weathervane.
Early 20th Century Blacksmith Weathervane
Vintage 1930s French Weathervanes
Early 20th century Silhouette weathervane, painted sheet zinc. Depicting a blacksmiths workshop. Later aged stand, measurement includes stand, France, circa 1930.
French Banner Weathervane Finial
Early 20th Century French Weathervanes
Highly intricate iron weathervane finial, highly decorative. France Early 20th Century.
18th Century Copper and Brass Weathercock or We...
Antique 18th Century French Weathervanes
Brass, Copper
A rare Folk Art three-dimensional bodied church weather vane of molded and hammered copper and brass This large weathervane shows beautiful weathered verdigris surface and traces of ...
19th Century, Rooster Weathervane, American
J.W. Fiske & Company
Antique Late 19th Century American Folk Art Weathervanes
Brass, Copper
Late 19th century, classic form molded rooster copper weathervane with sheet brass tail and zinc legs, which are supported by the original 13 1/2" copper bar. Weatherane is similar ...
Late Victorian Copper Banner Weathervane
Antique Late 19th Century English Weathervanes
Late Victorian copper banner weathervane, once gilded, and over painted. Later steel stand, England, circa 1890. Measurement includes stand.
Naive Full Bodied Cockerel Weathervane
Early 20th Century French Weathervanes
Naïve Cockerel weathervane or Coq de Clocher, naïve construction, full bodied with stylised tail, heavily oxidised, with light verdigrises’ in places. Contemporary steel stand. Franc...
Folk Art Running Man Whirligig
20th Century Weathervanes
Functional Folk Art whirligig. Working jogging character and tail. All hand-painted and crafted piece. Missing one wooden fan arm. Not available for sale or to ship in the state o...
19th Century Cast Iron Pig Weather Vane with Di...
Massachusetts Iron Works
Antique Late 19th Century American Country Weathervanes
This amazing tabletop weather vane has the original Victorian cast iron base and directional. The black original grungy painted surface is in great state of preservation.
Spanish 19th Century Weathervane
Antique Late 19th Century Spanish Weathervanes
Copper, Iron
A delightful Spanish 19th century copper weathervane in the shape of a galloping horse - presented on its iron stand.
19th Century Stylised Full Bodied Cockerel Weat...
Antique Early 19th Century French Weathervanes
Early 19th century stylised full bodied cockerel weathervane, bulbous body and charmingly oversized head, stylised tail and comb. Wonderful patinated surface, with natural verdigris,...
Late 19th Century Three Crossed Arrows Weathervane
Antique Mid-19th Century French Weathervanes
Wonderful Trio of crossed arrows weathervane of iron and steel dating to the mid 19th Century originating from the Burgundy region of France. Beautiful original rivets and detailing ...
Early 20th Century French Silhouette Flag Weath...
Early 20th Century French Weathervanes
Early 20th century French Silhouette flag weathervane, sheet metal, great patination over the painted surface. Later steel stand.
Late 19th Century Full Bodied Lion Weathervane
Antique Late 19th Century French Weathervanes
Full Bodied Lion Weathervane in zinc, retaining traces of original gilding, historic repairs but remarkable condition. Contemporary steel stand. Measurement Inc stand. France, circa ...
20th Century Full Bodied Stylised Dove Weathervane
Mid-20th Century French Weathervanes
Full bodied stylised dove weathervane in zinc, contemporary stand, France, circa 1950. (Measurement inc. stand).    
American Diminutive Gilt Copper Eagle Weatherva...
Antique 1810s American American Colonial Weathervanes
Copper, Iron
American diminutive gilt copper spread eagle weathervane mounted on squared iron stand, Early 19th century. Squared iron base is 4.75 inches .
Folk Art Painted Weathervane
Early 20th Century Weathervanes
Wrought Iron
Antique iron weathervane depicting a woman looking through a spyglass. The woman is dressed in early 20th century attire including a yellow striped skirt and red jacket. Includes a w...
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