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Cendrillon Bronze Bust
Hickmet Fine Arts
American Art Deco Female Bust
Newel LLC
French Antique Bust of Adonis
Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques
G.E. Mariui Bronze Sculpture
Rosemarie McCaffrey Antiques
African Malachite Sculpture
Harry and Ria Jong
Carved Bust of Joan of Arc
John J. Gredler Works of Art, Inc.
Italian 1960s Gesso Bust Profile
French Marble Bust by De Herain
Sculpture of a man's head
Early 20th c. Bust of a Man
Demiurge New York
Early 20th c. Bust of a Woman
Demiurge New York
Early 20th c. Bust of a Greco-Roman Woman
Demiurge New York
Sculptural Wall Hanging of a Man
Demiurge New York
Burl Folk Art Carving
George M. Kelly "Bust of Rob" Bronze
Harris Dean Gallery LLC
1920s Plaster Bust of George Washington
French Vintage Bust of David
Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques
Gypsy Woman Busts
Terracotta Bust of Gentleman
Grinard Collection
Bust of Ambroise Paré
The Golden Triangle
French 19th Century Bust of a Gentleman
Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques
Stone Garden Bust of Greek Goddess On Stand
Judy Frankel Antiques
Shop Window Bust in Plaster, ca. 1920
Jan de Raad Art & Antiques
19th Century Stone Sculpture Fragment
Dos Gallos
Terracotta Bust 'Flore' after Clodion
Julia Boston
Limestone Bust
Elizabeth Pash Antiques and Decoration
19th Century Plaster Bust of Alexander
Appley Hoare
Pair of Bronze Busts
Verdini C Antichita
Vintage French Terracotta Bust
Blair Gordon Design
An Oversized Classical Bronze Bust
Gary Wright Antiques LTD
"The Victor" Bust, 1930s-1940sOn Hold
Victor Werner
Murble bust
Verdini C Antichita
Bust in Bronze
Plaster Bust
Mario Joseph Korbel Carved Marble Bust
Worrell Smith Gallery
Busts of Caligula and Tiberius
French Breche Violette And Bronze Pedestal
David Neligan Antiques
White Marble Bust of Mme. Recamier
Martell and Suffin Antiques
20th Century Bronze Street Urchin
Pietro Bazzanti Art Gallery
1950s Italian Plaster
Bust in White Marble and Alabaster
Verdini C Antichita
Marble Bust of Young Lady, Signed
Marie Antoinette French Antiques & Fine Furniture
Terracotta Sculpture by Isabel Ballester
Jon Urgoiti Interior, Design, Antiques
19th Century Marble Bust of English Noble Woman
Pietro Bazzanti Art Gallery
Bronze Nude Torso after Aristide Maillol
Showplace Antique + Design Center
Carved Granite Bust
Bust of Roman Figure
O'Sullivan Antiques
Nefertiti Bust
Bust of Apollo Belvedere
The Golden Triangle
Bronze by Hagenauer Werkstatte
Gallery Umbria