Painting, Portrait of a Lady, Large, C 1960
Painting, Portrait of a Lady, Large, C 1960
Vintage Unknown Modern Charcoal Paintings
A beautiful large portrait of a lady, circa 1960. Charcoal on paper with a very decorative gold frame.
1960's Acrylic with Charcoal Pencil - Mixed Media ...
Vintage Unknown Charcoal Paintings
Canvas, Paper, Acrylic Paint
1960's Acrylic on Canvas/Charcoal Pencil on Paper, Mixed Media Faux 3-dimensional artwork, unsigned. Appears to be 3-D in person, with paper layered onto the canvas. Must see in pers...
Peter Steves Figural Abstract on Paper, F234Mat
Peter Stevens
American Charcoal Paintings
Paper, Gouache
Incredible Large Scale Figural Abstract on Paper, called F234Mat by Peter Stevens with a Graham Gallery Label on verso.
Early Robert Loughlin Collage
Robert Loughlin
American Charcoal Paintings
Mixed media on wine box by outsider artist Robert Loughlin. By early I don't mean 4 o'clock this morning, I mean 1994. Featured here is a Robert/Gary figure overlaid by a newspaper c...