Sorry, Fabulous CHANEL Multi Strand Necklace is not currently available.
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Turquoise Multi-Strands Necklace
Natural turquoise with white gold clasp multi-strands necklace Turquoise necklace weight 310 grams
Valentin Magro Multi-Strand Tube Coral Necklace
Valentin Magro
This necklace features 21 strands of tube coral with mariner clasp and Large plain knot with wire link toggle in 18kt yellow gold.
Long Multi-Strand Turquoise Nuggets Necklace
Valentin Magro
For decades, Valentin Magro's fine jewelry creations have illuminated the most special of occasions. This necklace features 3 strands of 5.5-7.3 mm nugget turquoise. The length is 38...
Valentin Magro Multi-Strand Peridot Beads Necklace
Valentin Magro
This necklace features 40 strands of Peridot beads with Single Twist clasp in 18kt yellow gold.
Yellow Gold 22 Carat Multi-Strand Necklace
Yellow Gold 22 Carat Multi-Strand Necklace, The Gold Is Only Outside, Inside There Is Wax. Necklaces Weight 204 Grams Measure, the strand inside is 50 cm, the strand outside 67 cm
Spectacular 14 Strand Sapphire Bead Necklace
Helen Ringus
These 14 strands of faceted multi colored sapphire beads sparkle beautifully. The necklace drapes elegantly around the neck. The clasp is 22 kt gold with a toggle clasp. The beads ar...
Valentin Magro Multiple Strands Lapis Necklace
Valentin Magro
The five strands of this necklace all display lapis lazuli’s famed blues. It features cube cut beads alternating with round beads. Interspersed throughout are 18k yellow gold balls. ...
Valentin Magro Black Mother-of-Pearl Strand Nec...
Valentin Magro
Black mother of pearl takes center stage with this necklace created by Valentin Magro. The jewel is carved into beads and strung in two rows. Its beads aren’t a uniform color, but di...