Decorative Art

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Sculpture by Salvatore Meli, 1950s
Themes and Variations
Raymond Coins Stone Angel Sculpture
American Primitive Gallery
Painted Iron Heart in Hand Sculpture
American Primitive Gallery
"The Bailey Children" Portrait
Robert Young Antiques
Italian Futurist Period Aviation Poster by Luigi Martinati
Colletti Gallery
Unique Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Model
Pullman Gallery
Large Rare Brass Elephant by Sergio Bustamante, 1970s
Exquisite Sandstone Depiction of Hermes, circa 1720s
EHRL Fine Art and Antiques
Rare Three Sheet Framed Poster for 1932 "Freaks"
Off The Wall Antiques
Eduardo Mac Entyre Painting "Dos Bandas Negras"
Darrell Dean Antiques
1960s Kinetic Art Sculpture by Agam
Arts 220
Art Deco Sculpture by Henri Bargas
145 Antiques
Guillermo Olguín Bronze Sculpture
17th Century Tuscany Fresco Painting
Francesca Bolsi
Carlos Davila Painting "Moons"
Worrell Smith Gallery
Polished Stone Sculptures
Antiqueria Tribeca
Movimento 66 Glass Paste with Silver Leaf Mosaic
FLAIR Florence
Lucio Perinotto 'Air France Constellation' Painting
Pullman Gallery
Anonymous Abstract Sculpture
Sam Kaufman Gallery
Belgian Colonial Pencil Drawing "tetes de negres"
VSdR Van Steenbergen - di Resta bvba
Modernist Sculpture by Dolly Moreno
Dragonette Ltd
Marco Croce Abstract Brutalist Sculpture
FLAIR Florence
Vase de Fleurs Painting by Michel Henry
Le Trianon
Painting by Emlen Etting
AD LIB Antiques
Huge Early 18th Century Antique Coat of Arms Painting
Miles Griffiths Antiques
Carlos Davila, "Martian Flower"
Worrell Smith Gallery
Large Sculpture of a Filigree Spirit Fruit
Vessel Gallery
Flying Guys in Airplane, Sculpture by Ginestroni
Cosulich Interiors & Antiques
Alejandro Escobar Paint
Pair of Italian Paintings
English Accent Antiques
Charles O. Perry Bronze Sculpture
METRO Interiors
Painting of an Art Class, Europe 20th Century
Xavier Nicod Antiquites
Jaguar Cars Factory Poster, 1957
Pullman Gallery
Oil Seascape by Richard Spencer
Florian Papp Inc.
Paul Bouvot Lithograph
Pullman Gallery
Watercolor and Ink Art Deco Jazz Band by Raymond NiryOn Hold
Off The Wall Antiques
Abstract Painting by Christoffersen
Large Copper Doll Head Mold
American Primitive Gallery
Painting of Childrens with their Dog
Antiques on Old Plank Road
Geo Ham (Georges Hamel) Painting
Pullman Gallery
Esteban Urbieta Painting
David, Jacques-Louis Prints, circa 1800
Antiques on Old Plank Road
Glass Sculpture by Naomi Kruwant, 1984
Bridges Over Time
Abstract Painting by Tristan Meinecke
Douglas Rosin Decorative Arts & Antiques
1900 Three-Sheet Theater Poster
Radio Guy & Early Electrics
Marion Lese Abstract Marble Sculpture
Bridges Over Time
1970s Rendering Painting of a Jet Factory
Steven Sclaroff
Italian Vintage Dog Statues
Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques
Abstract Geometric Dutch Painting
The Moderns
Fine French Carrara Marble Bust
R. M. Barokh Inc.
1972 Belgian Terracotta Sculptural Vase
FLAIR Florence