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Loveseat Set Of 2

Vitra Alcove Red Loveseat Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Set of 2
By Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Vitra
Located in London, GB
Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in 2006, the set of two Vitra Alcove loveseats are an architectural piece of furniture, allowing for small spaces to be created. Constructed w...

Early 2000s German Loveseats



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Frigerio Salotti Modell Cooper Loveseat Armchair Leather Chair Cognac Set of 2
By Frigerio
Located in Munich, Bavaria
Frigerio leather armchair Modell Cooper that is also a loveseat. The sizes of this Modell Cooper is medium with depth of 103 cm. Featuring maximum softness, the Cooper armchair fea...

2010s Italian Modern Lounge Chairs


Leather, Upholstery, Wood

DS88 cognac leather patchwork set of 2 love seats DE SEDE swiss
By De Sede
Located in Ostend, BE
set of 2 DS88 2 seaters as 1 is shown on the picture, but the listing is for 2

Vintage 1970s Swiss Mid-Century Modern Loveseats



Loveseat Set Of 2 For Sale on 1stDibs

Choose from an assortment of styles, material and more with respect to the loveseat set of 2 you’re looking for at 1stDibs. Frequently made of wood, animal skin and leather, every loveseat set of 2 was constructed with great care. Whether you’re looking for an older or newer loveseat set of 2, there are earlier versions available from the 20th Century and newer variations made as recently as the 21st Century. Each loveseat set of 2 bearing Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern or Scandinavian Modern hallmarks is very popular. Roche Bobois, Fredericia and Modernage Furniture Company each produced at least one beautiful loveseat set of 2 that is worth considering.

How Much is a Loveseat Set Of 2?

Prices for a loveseat set of 2 can differ depending upon size, time period and other attributes — at 1stDibs, they begin at $900 and can go as high as $11,710, while the average can fetch as much as $5,725.

On the Origins of european

Georg Jensen furniture is available for sale on 1stDibs. These distinctive items are frequently made of metal and are designed with extraordinary care. In our collection of Georg Jensen furniture there are many options to choose from, although silver editions of this piece are particularly popular. 952 vintage editions of these items are in stock, while there are 446 modern editions to choose from as well. Many original furniture by Georg Jensen were created in Europe during the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style. If you’re looking for additional options, many customers also consider furniture by and . The prices for Georg Jensen furniture can vary depending on size, time period and other attributes. 1stDibs's price starts at $19 and tops out at $269,950, while pieces like these can sell for $737 on average.

Finding the Right Loveseats for You

Antique and vintage loveseats are functional and totally charming furniture in homes large and small these days. They first appeared in the 17th and 18th centuries, though they were not yet known by this endearing term.

These petite, two-seat sofas were originally intended to comfortably sit a woman clad in what were the era’s large and elaborate dresses — ornate hooped garments with copious folds of fabric, embroidery and lace. However, because the original seats featured just enough space for two, they quickly became popular for couples that were courting. Loveseats meant that the couples could engage in close conversation, but furniture makers ensured that there was enough space between sitters to prioritize modesty.

In the early days of loveseats, the furnishings were minimalist in appearance and could often be found in an s-shape, with the two sides facing each other. The spare seating was initially little more than a wooden bench, as loveseats weren’t yet upholstered or cushioned. Design of the seating evolved over time, and this wide chair was eventually padded and tufted for comfort. During the 1800s, loveseats were a luxurious addition to the homes of the wealthy, and even today, antique 19th-century loveseats are still quite alluring. In any lavishly decorated parlor of the Victorian era, you might find a pair of partygoers tucked into a particularly plush iteration of these cozy perches, one boasting arched crests of carved mahogany over its sculpted seats, with front cabriole legs resolving in paw feet.

In modern homes, loveseats — even antique Victorian loveseats — pair well with oversize sofas or are ideal replacements for sofas, particularly if you’re working on organizing and furnishing a smaller space. A loveseat is a stylish addition to a home library or a reading nook and can easily be situated at the foot of the bed in your bedroom. In the living room, you may wish to position your vintage loveseat and couch around a central focal point, such as a distinguishing architectural feature or a fireplace. But be sure to leave some walking room between your seating and any nearby coffee tables or side tables. Allow for around two feet for guests to pass between a couch and chair or loveseat and at least a foot between a loveseat and coffee table.

Find a wide variety of antique, new and vintage loveseats today on 1stDibs.