Marble Sculptures

Ancient Greek Marble Torso of Goddess Aphrodite, 100 BC
Ancient Greek Marble Torso of Goddess Aphrodite...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier European Classical Greek Figurative Scu...
A Hellenistic marble torso of Aphrodite Anadyomene ("rising from the sea"), dating to the 2nd-1st century BC. Depicted nude, leaning slightly forwards, her curvaceous torso twisti...
Marble sculpture by Vichi, 'Exotic Dancer', for 1914, French Salon
Marble sculpture by Vichi, 'Exotic Dancer', for...
Ferdinando Vichi
Vintage 1910s Italian Romantic Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
This astonishing early 20th century Orientalist sculpture is one of the finest of its kind, full of movement, sensuality and effortless charm. The work of celebrated Italian sculptor...
Modern Commode in Marble and Powder Coated Steel from "Disused Collection"
Modern Commode in Marble and Powder Coated Stee...
21st Century and Contemporary European Modern Sideboards
Steel, Marble
This Avant Garde commode is made of Carrara marble and high-quality powder-coated steel. The function of this piece is more sculptural and decorative but at the same time, it can be ...
Stoned Donkey, Marble Sculpture Made in Italy
Stoned Donkey, Marble Sculpture Made in Italy
Matteo Cibic, Fiammetta V.
2010s Animal Sculptures
The Stoned Donkey is a marble sculpture entirely made in Italy with Italian marble coming from the Vanelli's family quarries. The sculpture is a mix of advance technologies and craft...
Locusta Migratoria, Grasshopper in White Arabescato Marble Made in Italy
Locusta Migratoria, Grasshopper in White Arabes...
Massimiliano Giornetti, Fiammetta V.
2010s Italian Animal Sculptures
Marble, Brass
Locusta Migratoria is a grasshopper in white arabescato marble Made in Italy. Designed by Massimiliano Giornetti, former creative director for the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo...
Art Deco Panther On Marble base
Art Deco Panther On Marble base
Mid-20th Century French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Spelter, Marble
An impressive 1930s Art Deco figure by the French Artist Maurice Font, signed to the marble base. Bronzed patina and in great condition this figure shows real quality. Maurice Font g...
Antique Italian Marble Sculpture of Terpsichore T Dini on Pedestal, 19th Century
Antique Italian Marble Sculpture of Terpsichore...
Antique 1890s Italian Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Carrara Marble
This beautiful Italian white Carrara marble sculpture of terpsichore bears the signature of the sculptor, T.Dini and late 19th century in date. It is raised on a stunning antique ser...
Guglielmo Pugi Fine Carved Alabaster Sculpture of a Young Pierrot
Guglielmo Pugi Fine Carved Alabaster Sculpture ...
Guglielmo Pugi
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Alabaster, Carrara Marble
Very fine carved sculpture of a young Pierrot by Guglielmo Pugi (1850-1915), late 19th century in alabaster and white Carrara marble foot. Signed on the back Pugi.
Abstract Wooden Carved Sculpture by E. Robson
Abstract Wooden Carved Sculpture by E. Robson
Vintage 1970s British Abstract Sculptures
Dynamic abstract oak wooden sculpture on a black and gold marble plinth. hand-carved and signed by E. Robson, 1971, England.  
Italian Recumbent Female Bronze Nude
Vintage 1940s Italian Mid-Century Modern Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Breccia Marble
Italian recumbent female bronze nude. Midcentury bronze figure of a reclining nude, "La Donna Sdriata" mounted on antique breccia corallina marble block base Italy, 1940s; base antiq...
Italian 19th Century Louis XVI Style Carrara Ma...
G. M. Benzoni
Antique 19th Century French Louis XVI Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A sensational and extremely high quality Italian 19th century Louis XVI st. white Carrara marble statue of a girl and her dog, signed G.M. BENZONI. F.A. 1861. ROMA. The sculpture is ...
Art Deco Silvered Bronze Elephant Bookends Marc...
Mid-20th Century French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Belgian Black Marble
Very nice pair of silver bronze Art Deco bookends of elephants balancing on a ball. Signed by the French artist Marcel Pley and dated 1936. The bronzes are mounted on modernist Belgi...
Louis Riche Art Deco Cold Painted Bronze Statue...
Louis Riché
Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Statuary Marble
Stunning cold painted Art Deco bronze statue depicting an elegant standing woman with two Borzoi dogs. French production by Louis Riche of superb quality and condition mounted on Por...
Alfred Boucher Silvered Bronze, Late 19th Century
Alfred Boucher
Antique Late 19th Century French Art Nouveau Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
A silvered bronze by Alfred Boucher (1850-1934) mounted on a white marble base. Signed "A.Boucher" on the marble base. This work can be compared to his most famous model "Les Coure...
Pair of Grand Tour Bronzes, "Night and Day" Mic...
Antique 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Revival Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
This is the finest pair of "Night and Day" we have ever come across. The quality of the casting and patina is most exceptional. They are a luscious brown patina and are mounted on th...
Stunning Marble Sculpture Mounted on a Stone Base
Mid-20th Century Unknown Modern Abstract Sculptures
Beautiful marble sculpture mounted on a stone base, the sculpture is mounted on a metal rod that slides into the stone base making it easy to turn it. The piece in unsigned. Me...
Jose Maria Acuna Lopez, Bronze Sculpture Man wi...
Mid-20th Century Spanish Mid-Century Modern Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Beautiful midcentury bronze sculpture of a walking pilgrim wearing a long coat and a hat. Signed by the Spanish sculptor Jose Maria Acuna. The bronze has a lovely patina and stands ...
Horse Head Bronze Sculpture
20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Impressive bronze finished sculpture on marble base.
Sculpture White Bear in Marble Limited Edition ...
21st Century and Contemporary French Animal Sculptures
Sculpture White Bear in Marble. Limited Edition. Made in France. By J.B Vandame in 2015.
Italian White Marble Neoclassical Sculpture of ...
Bertel Thorvaldsen
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Statuary Marble
Bertel Thorvaldsen was a Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life in Italy, he was born in Copenhagen and was accepted to the Royal Danish Academy of Art whe...
Pair of Modern Style Marble Abstract Sculpture ...
Mid-20th Century Modern Figurative Sculptures
Striking monumental pair of Modern style abstract sculpture statues. The monolithic piece of white marble was chiseled and polished to a fairly shiny gloss. One statue depicting an...
Lifesize Sculpture of Venus in White Statuary M...
Jean Boulogne
Antique 1860s Italian Classical Roman Figurative Sculptures
Statuary Marble
A Italian life size sculpture of Venus nude and in contemplation, probably after bathing, in white statuary marble, circa 1860-1880. After the original by Jean Boulogne (France 15...
17th Century Italian Carrara Marble Bust of a C...
Antique 17th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Finely carved classical Roman Carrara marble bust/head sculpture from the 17th century on a raised circular plinth.  
French Marble Bust or Sculpture of Madame Julie...
Antique Early 1900s French Busts
This turn of the 20th century solid marble bust depicts celebrated French beauty, Juliette Recamier, close friend of Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. C...
Signed French Art Deco Gilt Bronze Panther Scul...
Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
French Art Deco bronze sculpture of a panther with a soft gilt patination on a marble plinth (Signature on Image 3).
Contemporary Carrara Marble Pumo Sculpture
Stories Of Italy
2010s Italian Other Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
This sculpture, hand-carved in gorgeous white Carrara marble, evokes ancient Italian traditions. Typical of Grottaglie, a town in the southern region of Apulia, the pumo has many dif...
Carved Grey Veined and Black Marble Young Black...
20th Century Busts
A carved grey and black marble draped bust of a blackamoor from the 20th century resting on a black marble pedestal. This beautifully sculpted portrait presents a black marble face w...
Green Marble Sculpture by Mario C G
1990s Abstract Sculptures
Green marble sculpture by Mario C G 20th century Signed and dated 97 Measures: Height 52 cm.
Brass Antelope Gazelle Bookend Sculpture
Karl Springer
Vintage 1970s Unknown Hollywood Regency Animal Sculptures
Brass, Marble
Brass antelope gazelle bookend sculpture.
Art Deco Bronze Dog Sculpture by Decoux, 1930, ...
Michel Decoux
Mid-20th Century French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Description: Art Deco bronze sculpture of a dog. Artist/ maker: Michel Decoux, France, 1837-1924. Signature/ marks: Decoux. Bronze. Style: Art Deco. Date: 1925-1930. Material: Bronz...
Grand Tour Bronze of Dionysius
Antique 19th Century Italian Grand Tour Busts
Stone, Metal
Grand Tour bronze bust of Dionysius. After the original ancient bust found in Herculaneum. Mounted on a marble column. The model is occasionally, alternately identified as Plato or P...
'Eve', Biblical Marble Figure by Claude Michaud
Claude Michaud
Antique 19th Century French Figurative Sculptures
This fantastic sculpture depicts the famous story of the Original Sin, Eve's acquiescence to temptation by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Ful...
Isidore Jules Bonheur 'Le Grand Jockey'
Isidore Jules Bonheur
Early 20th Century French Art Nouveau Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Amongst Bonheur's wide variety of animal sculptures exhibited at the Salon, the most famous is Le Grand Jockey, of which the present cast is a fine example. The sensitivity of the ca...
Large Carved Neoclassical Greco-Roman Style Mar...
20th Century French Greco Roman Busts
Neoclassical marble bust. Impressive in both size and scale, this classical two-tone marble bust represents a bearded man with a crown of laurel upon his handsome curly hair, and a c...
Life-Sized Italian Black Marble Flamingo Sculpt...
Vintage 1960s Italian Hollywood Regency Animal Sculptures
This lifesize Italian polished black marble flamingo is truly delightful! Featuring gold painted metal legs, a brass tape neck band and an organic Carrara marble base. It's pose is s...
"Flight" Bronze Abstract Sculpture on White Mar...
Vintage 1970s American Abstract Sculptures
Marble, Bronze
Bronze abstract sculpture on white marble base, entitled "Flight" by Charles Arcier, USA, 1970s.
"Red Marble" Polished Marble Abstract Sculpture...
Vintage 1970s American Abstract Sculptures
Tall polished abstract marble sculpture, entitled "Red Marble" by Davis Rider, USA, 1970s.
Jan and Joel Martel Bronze Figural Sculpture 'J...
Jan and Joel Martel
Early 20th Century French Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
10'' overall height 7 1/2'' high on a 2 1/2'' marble base with a green patina. Impressed in the maquette J. Martel. Literature: Bruno Foucart, Christophe Vital, Emmanuel Bre...
Carved Marble Bust of a Lady with Moon and Stars
Antique 19th Century Italian Art Nouveau Busts
White marble bust of woman with shooting stars, Italy, 19th century. Dimension: 19 in. height (48.3cm).
Pair of Italian Grand Tour Marble Recumbent Lions
Antique 19th Century Italian Grand Tour Animal Sculptures
Pair of Recumbent Lions after Antonio Canova (Italian, 1757-1822) carved serpentine marble Italian, 19th century Measures: H 6 in. (15.3 cm) Modeled after the 18th century scu...
19th Century Italian Classical Marble Bust of V...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Classical Greek Busts
Carrara Marble
Psyche of Capua. White marble bust of Venus, after antique. Italy, late 19th century. Inscribed, 'Chiurazzi.' Measures: 21 in. (53.3 cm) height.
Pauline Borghese Marble Sculpture
Antonio Canova
Antique 19th Century Italian Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
Exceptional Carrara marble statue of Pauline Borghese including carved red/brown granite pedestal. This sculpture comes from the French ;Chateau de Mortefontaine, which was one of ...
Modernist Marble Sculpture
Isamu Noguchi
Mid-20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Modernist marble sculpture. Blue, green, grey and white marble sculpted in abstract organic form mounted on wood pedestal.
Andy Warhol Portrait Marble Sculpture
Marcos Marin
21st Century and Contemporary French Other Contemporary Art
Granite, Marble
Portrait of Andy Warhol appearing in an amazing visual effect only when backing away from the sculpture Made of marble and granite uneven lines. Size: 32" wide x 41" high x 1" thic...
Hanna Eshel Carrara Marble Sculpture
Hanna Eshel
Vintage 1970s Italian Minimalist Abstract Sculptures
Carrara Marble
Hanna Eshel is an internationally recognized artist whose work has evolved over many years and a wide variety of media. A fifth generation Israeli born in Jerusalem in 1926, Eshel fir...
Vintage Pepe Mendoza Obelisk
Pepe Mendoza
Vintage 1960s North American Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Brass, Marble
Stunning black marble obelisk by Pepe Mendoza with applied brass and turquoise ornamentation.
Italian White Marble Figure of a Sea Water Merm...
Antique 19th Century Italian Figurative Sculptures
A very fine Italian marble sculpture of a sea water mermaid (naiad) by Dante Zoi. 19th century. Signed D. Zoi.   
Striking White Marble Carved Horse Sculpture
Late 20th Century Unknown Modern Animal Sculptures
Abstract white marble carved horse sculpture signed on bottom. Can be displayed from either angle. Signed on lower side of sculpture but cannot determine artist's name.
Milo 1977 Large Marble Sculpture
Miguel Fernando Lopez
Vintage 1980s American American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Large contemporary marble sculpture by Milo 1977. "Breaking the chain marble sculpture." Front from 36 1/4" overall Height. From side 23 ¾". Sculpture height ...
William P Katz Abstract Marble Sculpture
William P. Katz
Vintage 1970s American Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Marble, Wood
Abstract marble sculpture on base by William P Katz, executed, circa 1970s. Katz (1926-2003) was trained at the Art Students League in New York City. He media included sculpture, pai...
Mid-Century Modern Brass Gazelle Sculpture with...
Vintage 1960s American Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
Brass, Marble
Midcentury hand-forged sculpture of stylized gazelle or ibex. Minor patinated spots on brass adds to its vintage beauty. Features a hand polished exotic marble base in hues of black ...
Curtis Jere Bronze Sculpted Female Diver on Mar...
Curtis Jere
Vintage 1970s American Mid-Century Modern Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Original Curtis Jere bronze sculpture female diver on a solid marble rock base. Signed Jere, circa 1970. Made with great craftsmanship and attention to details.
Antique Italian Marble Bust by Aristide Petrilli
Aristide Petrilli
Antique 1890s Italian Neoclassical Busts
Carrara Marble
Exquisitely rendered Carrara marble bust of a young Florentine nobleman by Aristide Petrilli. Signed in verso: 'Gall Prof Petrilli, Firenze.' Aristide Petrilli, born in Tivoli, La...
Art Deco Prowling Panther
Mid-20th Century French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Spelter, Marble
For your consideration is this very well sculptured Art Deco prowling panther sculpture which sits on a marble base. The body of the panther is spelter and has a wonderful patinated ...
Continental 19th Century Carrara Marble Statue ...
Bertel Thorvaldsen
Antique 19th Century Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A beautiful and high quality Continental 19th century white Carrara marble of Eve with the apple signed by Thorvaldsen. The striking statue is raised by a circular base where Eve sta...
French 1910s Terracotta Sculpted Group of Eleph...
Early 20th Century French Animal Sculptures
A French terracotta sculpted group from the early 20th century, depicting an African elephant with her calf, mounted on marble base. Born in France at the end of the Belle-Époque era...

Duo Marble Sculpture

By Hava Studio
Duo Marble Sculpture
Hava Studio
2010s Australian Abstract Sculptures
Marble, Aluminum, Gold, Chrome
Three separate pieces unite to create the duo sculpture. A polished gold triangle, a solid block of honed Nero Marquina marble and a polished chrome triangle. A limited edition ite...
Marble Portrait Bust of George Boole, F.R.S. by...
Thomas Earle
Antique Mid-19th Century English Neoclassical Busts
Thomas Earle (1810-1876) was a distinguished 19th century English sculptor who regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and was honoured by that institution with a gold medal for his...
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