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Max Steven Grossman Art Sq

ROCK SQ SC, Ed. 2of 5_Max Steven Grossman_Bookscape/Interior Photography/Pop Art
By Max Steven Grossman
Located in 326 N Coast Hwy. | Laguna Beach, CA
MAX STEVEN GROSSMAN "ROCK SQ SC" Trans Mounted Metallic Print 40 x 44 in. Ed 2 of 5 Exploring the

2010s Contemporary Still-life Photography



Art Sq
By Max-Steven Grossman
Located in Miami Beach, FL
pigment print, diasec

2010s Contemporary Photography


Archival Pigment

Rock SQ SC
By Max Steven Grossman
Located in Boca Raton, FL
Bookscape photograph - also available in 40 x 44 inches

21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Color Photography


C Print

The Rolling Stones BookScape / Rock and Roll Book Album Limited Edition of 5
By Max Steven Grossman
Located in Greenwich, CT
Rolling Stones SQ BookScape by Max Steven Grossman Individually photographed books and bookshelves

2010s Contemporary Color Photography


Photographic Paper

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Rock Sq 8
By Max Steven Grossman
Located in Bridgehampton, NY
Presented by 'Axiom' for Market Art & Design photo compilation with lucite facemount Ref: 1038

21st Century and Contemporary Color Photography


C Print

  • Rock Sq 8
  • Rock Sq 8
H 40 in. W 44 in. D 2 in.

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Max Steven Grossman for sale on 1stDibs

Max Steven Grossman (B. 1971, Barranquilla, Colombia) graduated from the University of Philadelphia in 1994 with a degree in engineering. Soon after, he discovered his passion for photography. In 2000, Grossman graduated from New York University and the International Center of Photography with a Master of Arts. Grossman’s background in the diverse studies of engineering and photography has helped mold not only his signature style, but has propelled his practice towards a deeper examination of reality versus fantasy.

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Contemporary art has been pushing the boundaries of creative expression for years. Its disruption of the traditional concepts of art are often aiming to engage viewers in complex questions about identity, society and culture. In the latter part of the 20th century, contemporary movements included Land art, in which artists like Robert Smithson and Michael Heizer create large-scale, site-specific sculptures, installations and other works in soil and bodies of water; Sound art, with artists such as Christian Marclay and Susan Philipsz centering art on sonic experiences; and New Media art, in which mass media and digital culture inform the work of artists such as Nam June Paik and Rafaël Rozendaal.

The first decades of the 21st century have seen the growth of Contemporary African art, the revival of figurative painting, the emergence of street art and the rise of NFTs, unique digital artworks that are powered by blockchain technology.

Major Contemporary artists practicing now include Ai Weiwei, Cecily Brown, David Hockney, Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Kara Walker.

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