Wooden Horses (70 results)

Remarkable Antique Rustic Carved Wooden Horse
French solid early wooden horse used as papier mâché mold, bought in the west of France. Hand-carved.  
Pair of antique carved wooden horses
A pair of polychrome decorated carved hardwood models of recumbent horses each wearing harness on naturalistic base. Beautiful patina with slight gilt remaining.
Pair of Hand-Carved Wooden Horses
Pair of Chinese hand-carved wood horses.
19th Century, French Painted Wooden Horse
Beautiful French wooden horse with a great patina and its original glass eyes France, circa 1850-1900 Weathered.
19th Century Painted Wooden Horse
19th Century Painted Wooden Horse
Painted wooden horse, English, 19th century. This Item is a one of a kind piece.
Vintage Antique Hand-Painted Wooden Horse
Vintage Antique Hand-Painted Wooden Horse
Vintage modern hand-painted wooden horse in the style of a carousel horse. Please confirm item location (NY or NJ).
Antique Swedish Wooden Horse, Original Paint
Here is a very dear horse, on it's long slender legs, and with an awfully cute back end, with a little horsehair tail. There is the typical Swedish blue color, with painted decorations...
Small 19th Century French Folk Art Wooden Horse
Great example of a Folk Art horse. Once a toy for a better situated child now a great piece in your interior. Beautiful details and glass eyes France, circa 1850 Weathered and smal...
20th Century French Mounted Wooden Horse Fragment
Metal, Wood
20th century French mounted wood horse fragment. Mounted horse fragment found in the South of France. Beautiful decorative object.
Antique Wooden Horse Head, Spain, 19th Century
Captivating antique horse head. Beautiful naive and yet brutal wooden horse head sculpture, Spain, 19th century. Made of one piece of timber. Made of fruit wood and a fascinating...
Hand-Carved Wooden Horse by Nat Werner, USA, 1930s...
Affortunato Gory
A striking sculpture by an artist Nat Werner, who is represented in many museums, as well as having made monumental sculptures for the 1939 Worlds fair.
Vintage Indian Hand Carved Wooden Horse with Wheel...
Iron, Wood
A hand carved wooden horse with wheels and iron features from 20th century India. This horse showcases a stylized appearance with its unique mane and classic bridle with iron features....
English Late 19th Century Large Wooden Horse with ...
Wood, Iron
English large wooden horse on new custom twisted iron stand. This English large wooden horse with saddle, circa 1900, sits atop a heavy duty twisted metal stand. This horse seems to be ...
Mid-19th Century English Victorian Painted Wooden ...
Leather, Wood
This mid-19th Victorian antique painted carved and assembled wooden child's horse has its back covered with a leather saddle and a saddle blanket made of cloth, embroidered with the let...
English Painted Wooden Horse Sculpture on Stand fr...
An English painted horse from the mid-19th century on new custom iron stand. This energetic large sized horse is painted black with white spots. It sits on a twisted iron stand yet some...
French 18th-19th Century Folk Art Carved Wooden Ho...
Beautiful and unique Folk Art wooden horse. Great form, patina and with wood pegs France circa 1750-1850 Weathered and great old repairs. More pictures are available on request.
19th Century Wooden Child’s Horse
This antique wooden horse has beautiful heavy distress and is painted entirely but distressed heavily to it's great charm.
Large Pair of Carved Wooden Tang Horses
Large pair of hand-carved Asian horses. The large sculptures are painted in gold red and green. The carving is quite detailed. In photo 4 you can see how the carved pieces fit together....
Painted Wooden Toy Horse
Painted Wooden Toy Horse
A painted wooden toy horse.
Large Carved Marble Horse Head on Wooden Base
Marble, Wood
Beautiful large carved marble horse head. Marble has patina, and is white to light grey tone with grey veins, very light in color. No major damage, just subtle surface scuffs, or minor ...
Lovely Wooden Carousel Horse
Lovely wooden carousel horse. Mid-20th century horse animal sculpture on metal base. Hand-painted black beauty with coloured details.  
Painted Wooden Carousel Horse
Painted Wooden Carousel Horse
Painted wooden carousel horse.
Rare Wooden Harness Horse
Rare Wooden Harness Horse
Paint, Wood
Rare and early American Harness Horse c. 1850 of solid laminated wood with detachable head and original paint. Horse hair tail and mane attached to hide as apposed to cut. Un-restored c...
Antique Large Rocking Horse on Wooden Base
Fiberglass, Wood
Vintage Handmade Rocking Horse . Fiberglass Toy Horse mounted upon wooden tressle base. With real hair for the mane and tail. Maker unknown. Probably based on a Haddon Rockers Rocking H...
Wooden Carousel Horses Austria circa 1890
Metal, Wood
The carved body is made of wood, white lacquered and various colored. The bar, the handle, the stirrup and the connection between body and legs are made of metal. The horses were ...
Antique and Fine Quality Hand-Carved Wooden Pictur...
Truly elegant and finely carved antique wooden picture frame. This horse theme picture frame will make a great gift for yourself or any other real horse lover that you could think of. ...
Late 18th-Early 19th Century, Full Size Wooden Scu...
A late 18th-early 19th century full size wooden sculpture of a horse, with tail made from horse hair, resting on a rectangular wooden base mounted on four castors.
Pair of Wooden Polychromed Horses, circa 1780-1820...
Wooden polychromed horses, probably England, circa 1780-1820.  
19th Century Wooden Child's Horse
Leather, Wood
This antique wooden child's horse has horse hair tail, painted mane, eyes, hooves and coat with beautiful expression and size.
Wooden Oversized Temple Horses from India
Pair of hand-carved oversized wooden Indian temple horses with poly-chrome decorated sitting a top of a wheeled board. The two horses are almost the same size, but different designs, ca...
Kentucky Horse Farm Fireplace Mantel Horse Legs
This pair of giant sculptural wooden horse legs, at 5 ft. tall, was once part of a large mantel at the home of a horse ranch in Kentucky. Said to have been Amish carved.
19th Century French Napoleon III Period Cast Iron ...
Bronze, Iron, Wood, Paint
This Napoleon III period cast iron sculpture features a galloping horse near a tree stump surrounded by foliage. It is mounted on a painted black wooden base embellished with a bronze f...
Reclaimed Wood Folk Art Horse Sculpture
Reclaimed Wood
Very nice wooden horse sculpture made out of reclaimed wood.
Early 19th Century Belgian Hand Carved Child's Hor...
charming child size wooden horse. All hand carved and painted with the remains of his natural horse hair mane and tail.
Early 20th Century Plaster Horse
Plaster, Wood
This is a plaster statue of a horse, mounted on wooden base, elegant and strong, wonderful object for every horse lover.
Rare Antique Carousel Horse by Friedrich Heyn, cir...
A rare wooden carved white chahut carousel horse with polychrome painting, manufactured by Friedrich Heyn, circa 1910. Comes together with the original iron rack for mounting it on a ca...
Impressive Painted Metal Sculpture of a Horse
Handsome sculpture of a horse with prancing foot, constructed of metal painted beige, standing on an ebonized rectangular wooden base.
Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Horses
A matched pair of large Chinese cloisonne horses standing on raised wooden platforms. The four-foot high horses each with intricate enameled inlay in traditional Chinese yellow, blue an...
Teaching Models of Horses' Teeth
Plaster, Wood
Very rare late 19th century collection of 12 plaster teaching models on a wooden base of horses' teeth. These models demonstrate the appearance of horses' teeth of various ages. The fi...
Mid 1900s Brass Horse Head Mounting
Heavy brass horse head figure, originally a mounting on a post of some sort. Great patina. American, mid 1900s. Mounted onto a custom made wooden stand.
Marine Natural Specimen: The Atlantic Horse Shoe C...
Rare marine natural wunderkammer specimen of an Atlantic Horse Shoe Crab (Limulus Poliphemus). The Specimen is stuffed and mounted over a painted wooden base.
Vintage Indonesia Hand-Carved Painted Wood Horse f...
A vintage painted wooden horse from Indonesia, circa 1940s. This enjoyable horse adopts a dynamic and supple walking posture, with its left front leg raised. That this horse is hand-car...
19th C. Bronze Horse and Lad Figural Relief by Coulston
19th C. Bronze Horse and Lad Figural Relief by Cou...
Late 19th century bronze stallion relief signed, Coulston (image 9). The relief itself is very intricately detailed and mounted to a wooden base. It appears to have once been fitted as ...
French Carved and Painted Horse on Tricycle Decora...
Iron, Wood
A French carved horse on wheels from the late 19th century. This French wooden sculpture circa 1880 features a carved and painted wooden horse that seems to be riding a tricycle. The ha...
Late 19th Century Wooden Snow Shoe
Iron, Wood
Unique wood snow shoe for a horse. Displayed on a iron stand this item presents a beautiful display piece. You can see the details of where the horse shoe fit into this snow or mud shoe...
Rocking Horse 20th Century Sweden
A rocking horse made during the 20th century in Sweden. Upholstered in jute with painted details standing on a wooden frame.
Whimsical Bronze Horse Sculpture by Bill Lett
Bill Lett
Bronze, Wood
A “Brutalist” style diminutive bronze sculpture of a majestic horse with a flowing mane and tail rests on an oval wooden base. Signed and dated “Bill Lett ‘69”. American, 1969....
Majestic Tessellated Chinese Tang Horse
Majestic Chinese Tang horse Large-scale handcrafted bone veneer Tang horse, jeweled with an array of beautifully carved hard stone and fine jadeite. Mounted on a lacquered wooden bas...
A French Bronze Sculpture of a Horse
Bronze, Porphyry
With a rich golden patina, the ears alert, mouth open and head turned, the front legs forward and rear legs angled, the tail erect, resting on a slab of Egyptian porphyry set within a e...
Curtis Jere Bronze Horses Sculpture
Curtis Jere Bronze Horses Sculpture
Curtis Jere
Bronze, Wood
Curtis Jere beautiful bronze two horse sculpture with Verdigris patina, signed and dated, on wooden black base.
Mestre Pintor "Cavalo" Horse
A strong, hand-carved wooden sculpture of a horse. The artist, Mestre Pintor, represents the horse but still keeps much of the original form of the wood piece, creating a new animal hal...
Antique Chinese Cloisonné Incense Burner Horse Box...
A whimsical pair of antique Chinese cloisonné incense burners in the form of kneeling horses on wooden stands, with removable lids, in enamel colors of turquoise, red, cobalt blue, gree...
Gavino Tilocca Italian Vintage Pottery Ceramic Sculpture Horse Rider Figure
Gavino Tilocca Italian Vintage Pottery Ceramic Scu...
Gavino Tilocca
Extraordinary ceramic sculpture by renowned Italian artist, Gavino Tilocca, circa 1960. Depicting a couple in local Sardinian dress atop a horse wonderfully fitted out for a procession ...
Japanese Large Antique Hand-Carved Wood Galloping ...
Japan, a monumental nearly four foot long, finely hand-carved and hand-painted wooden effigy of a galloping horse from the Taisho period (1912-1926). Dimensions: 29 inches tall and 43 ...
Bronze Sculpture of a Horse "Herculean" by Marilyn Newmark
Bronze Sculpture of a Horse "Herculean" by Marilyn...
Marilyn Newmark
A large and formidable patinated bronze sculpture of a trotting stallion, modeled with life like qualities by American sculpture Marilyn Newmark (1928-2013.) This sculpture is part of...
Walter Bosse Penholder Donkey Horse, Blackened Bra...
Walter Bosse
Wood, Brass
A penholder in the form of a donkey or horse by Walter Bosse, Vienna, 1950s. It is made of blackened brass and a wooden base.
Vintage Solid Brass Horse Lamp with Shade
Brass, Silk, Wood
We are offering a vintage table lamp consisting of a round wooden base with a dark walnut stain. A polished, solid brass rearing horse sits atop the wooden base. The lamp is topped with...
Large Han Dynasty Painted Pottery Model of a Horse...
A good Han dynasty high fired gray pottery painted figure of a horse. Portrayed standing foursquare on slender legs, with nice musculature throughout, including well rounded haunches ...
1925 Sterling Silver Kentucky Latonia Horse Race C...
S. Blanckensee & Sons
Sterling Silver, Wood
A 1925 sterling silver Latonia horse race cup. The Latonia race track is located in Latonia, Kentucky, six miles south of Cincinnati and was once regarded as one of the premier horse ra...
Vienna Empire Mantel Table Clock Wooden Chest, cir...
Bronze, Enamel, Glass, Wood
Subject: Viennese gorgeous mantel/mantle/table chiming clock, main parts made of wood. Explanation: Mantel clocks or shelf clocks are house clocks traditionally placed on the shelf, or...