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Emerald Cut Diamond N Colour

Cellini GIA Certified 3 Stone Square Emerald Cut E color Diamond Ring
By Cellini
Located in New York, NY
This classic and enchanting ring features a 1.59 carat square emerald diamond of E color and VVS2 clarity... Set in a traditional, three-stone ring with perfectly matched, square eme...

1990s American Engagement Rings


Diamond, Platinum

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Emerald Cut Diamond N Colour For Sale on 1stDibs

Surely you’ll find the exact emerald cut diamond n colour you’re seeking on 1stDibs — we’ve got a vast assortment for sale. Each design created in this style — which was crafted with great care and often made from Gold, 18k Gold and White Gold — can elevate any look. Find an antique version now, or shop for 27 vintage or 115 modern creation for a more contemporary example of these cherished accessories. You’re likely to find the perfect emerald cut diamond n colour among the distinctive items we have available, which includes versions made as long ago as the 20th Century as well as those produced as recently as the 21st Century. Finding an appealing emerald cut diamond n colour — no matter the origin — is easy, but Antinori Fine Jewels, Merkaba and TJD each produced a popular version that is worth a look. Today, if you’re looking for an emerald cut version of this piece and are unable to find the perfect match, our selection also includes mixed cut and brilliant cut alternatives. When shopping for an emerald cut diamond n colour, you’ll find that there are less available pieces for unisex or men today than there are for women.

How Much is a Emerald Cut Diamond N Colour?

The price for an emerald cut diamond n colour starts at $570 and tops out at $6,675,000 with these rings, on average, selling for $63,750.

Jewelry of the 1990s

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Finding the Right Bridal Rings for You

Rings have been symbols of devotion since the days of Ancient Greece, a practice later adopted by the Romans for marriage ceremonies. Bridal rings were given an official meaning by Pope Nicholas I in the year 850 as proving a man’s intent to marry his bride-to-be. Antique sapphire and diamond bridal rings continue to hold meaning for many couples today.

Precious stones sometimes adorned these early engagement rings and bridal rings, which were usually gold bands. Diamond engagement rings and diamond bridal ring sets weren’t the dominant choices until 1947 when De Beers popularized them with their “A diamond is forever” marketing campaign.

Recent trends in jewelry design have seen the rise of diverse gems and metals in bridal rings. Rubies, sapphires and other colorful precious gems have quickly gained favor with brides who want a unique and vibrant bridal ring.

Modern bridal ring styles can be breathtaking and break traditional trends, while vintage engagement rings harken back to this rich heritage of design. Featured on 1stDibs is a stunning array of bridal rings from world-famous jewelers including Tiffany & Co., Roman Malakov and Antinori Fine Jewels.