19th Century Sculptures

Artist Model, circa 1850
Artist Model, circa 1850
Antique 1850s French Figurative Sculptures
Artist Model, 10 inches tall, circa 1850 Finely carved, in unique size with delicate facial features and hands.
German Carved and Painted Walnut Black Forrest Bear Umbrella Stand, circa 1880
German Carved and Painted Walnut Black Forrest ...
Antique 1880s German Black Forest Animal Sculptures
Glass, Tin, Walnut, Paint
German carved and painted walnut Black Forrest umbrella / cane stand with a standing bear on a river rock, open mouth, glass eyes, paws supporting a stylized loop snake branch, inset...
Pair of 19th Century Bronze Enamel Cloisonné Crane Candlesticks
Pair of 19th Century Bronze Enamel Cloisonné Cr...
Antique 1820s Japanese Japonisme Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Copper, Enamel
A spectacular and very decorative candlesticks representing two cranes carrying in their beaks a candleholder. Base supporting birds in purple enamel cloisonné, paws in bronze gilded...
Antique Paul Dubois "Harlequin" Bronze Statue
Antique Paul Dubois "Harlequin" Bronze Statue
Antique 19th Century European Art Nouveau Figurative Sculptures
Offered is this fine Paul Dubois, French (1829-1905) "Harlequin" Bronze figure of a young boy wearing a hat and well detailed clothing. He casts a knowing glance from behind his mask...
19th Century Marble Base Ormolu French Sculpture of a Boy Lying Down
19th Century Marble Base Ormolu French Sculptur...
Antique 1870s French Napoleon III Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
A delightful sculpture on a marble base of a little boy lying down in ormolu: bronze with gold to mercury. French school from the 19th century, Napoleon III, circa 1870. In a very go...
French, 19th Century Woman Reading a Love Letter Bronze
French, 19th Century Woman Reading a Love Lette...
Antique Late 19th Century French Figurative Sculptures
Woman reading love letter and holding a bird against her body I two color bronze.
Classic Bronze Lion Statue by Josue Dupon Belgian Sculptor Art Deco
Classic Bronze Lion Statue by Josue Dupon Belgi...
Josue Dupon
Antique 1890s Belgian Art Nouveau Animal Sculptures
Classic decorative bronze by Josue Dupon. Classically trained, his work can be found throughout Belgium. Antwerp Zoo and other major installations. This unique work is from the perio...
19th Century Bronze Voltaire by Houdon and Barbedienne
19th Century Bronze Voltaire by Houdon and Barb...
F. Barbedienne Foundry
Antique Mid-19th Century French Napoleon III More Desk Accessories
Epreuve in bronze with brown patina of the statue representing Voltaire (1694-1778) made by Houdon located in Comedie Française. Voltaire the great caustic and accurate French pen o...
Thai Rattanakosin Period Gilt Bronze Buddha
Thai Rattanakosin Period Gilt Bronze Buddha
Antique Mid-19th Century Thai Sculptures and Carvings
Thai Rattanakosin period cast gilt bronze Buddha from the mid-19th century, seated on a multi-tiered throne base. The backside of the statue has rings to be used as attachments to se...
Grand Tour-Object Narcissus, 19th Century
Grand Tour-Object Narcissus, 19th Century
Antique 19th Century European Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Figure of Narcissus after the famous sculpture in the Museo Nazionale in Naples, standing on a black and beige stone base. Silver, marked at the base. The stone plinth and the index ...
Goldscheider Bust "Oriental Man" Marked, Austria, circa 1890
Goldscheider Bust "Oriental Man" Marked, Austri...
Goldscheider Manufactory of Vienna
Antique Late 19th Century Austrian Art Nouveau Busts
We proudly present to you this absolute gorgeous Goldscheider bust displaying an oriental man made by the world famous company of Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna at the end of the 1...
Painted and Carved Wood Stag Panel
Painted and Carved Wood Stag Panel
Antique Late 19th Century French Animal Sculptures
Wood, Paint
A painted and carved wood stag panel. In two parts.
Large Pair of Famille Rose Pheasants by Samson
Samson & Cie
Antique Mid-19th Century French Qing Animal Sculptures
A large pair of Famille Rose pheasants by Samson. The size alone makes them very rear and highly collectable. They are in extremely good condition with the colors speaking for themse...
19th Century Dummy Board, Hand Painted Figure o...
Antique 19th Century English Elizabethan Figurative Sculptures
This Dummy board, otherwise known as silent companion, is a classic cut out figure of a young English aristocratic man. It is beautifully painted in oil in trompe l’oeil manner on a ...
Guglielmo Pugi Fine Carved Alabaster Sculpture ...
Guglielmo Pugi
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Alabaster, Carrara Marble
Very fine carved sculpture of a young Pierrot by Guglielmo Pugi (1850-1915), late 19th century in alabaster and white Carrara marble foot. Signed on the back Pugi.
Obelisks, 19th Century
Antique 19th Century European Abstract Sculptures
Pair of small obelisks out of red marble with hieroglyph decor.
Italian 19th Century White Carrara Marble Statu...
Antique 19th Century Italian Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A charming Italian 19th century white Carrara marble statue of a young boy. The boy is raised by a circular base seeming to be slightly irritated by the fact that his belt has fallen...
Pair of 19th Century, French Bronze Lions on Ma...
Antique Late 19th Century French Napoleon III Animal Sculptures
Pair of 19th century French bronze lions on marble bases. Fine pair of antique bookends from France, circa 1880, featuring two patinated bronze lions resting on marble bases.
True Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI Styl...
Carl Kauba
Antique 19th Century French Louis XVI Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Ormolu
A charming and very high quality true pair of French 19th century Louis XVI style. patinated bronze and ormolu statues, signed Carl Kauba. Each patinated bronze winged cherub is date...
Terracotta after Clodion, a Wildlife and Aries,...
Claude Michel Clodion
Antique 1880s French Napoleon III Figurative Sculptures
Terracotta after Clodion, a Fauna and Aries, Napoleon III, 19th century. Measures: H 34cm, W 38cm, W 20cm.
Unusual 19th Century Meissen Figure of a Camel ...
Meissen Porcelain
Antique 1850s German Rococo Animal Sculptures
A unusual 19th century Meissen figure of a camel with blue under-glaze double crossed swords mark, after J.J. Kandler. Naturalistically modeled above a rocky outcrop on a scroll-mol...
Antique French Bronze Sculpture “Joan of Arc” a...
Henri Chapu, Ferdinand Barbedienne
Antique 19th Century French Romantic Figurative Sculptures
During the last quarter of the 19th century, a broad movement of Romanticism artists were putting forth works of historical "celebrities", a topic that deeply resounded with sentimen...
French Porcelain Biscuit, Les Travaux Des Amour...
Manufacture de Sevres
Antique 19th Century French Napoleon III Porcelain
19th century Napoleon III French? Porcelain? biscuit group featuring four young Cupids working in the forge. They rest upon a white and blue? porcelain? base, embellished with intric...
Antique French Dragon Form Zinc Weathervane Ele...
Antique 19th Century French Gothic Animal Sculptures
Antique French dragon form zinc weathervane element, quite early and in very good condition with excellent age patina to the zinc. Custom mounted on a fray painted wood base. Cond...
Antique Carved Marble Garden Putto Figure
Antique Late 19th Century Classical Greek Figurative Sculptures
A large scale sculpture of a laughing putto standing on an elaborate foliate base, supporting a basket weave footed vase overflowing with large acanthus leaves (some with small drill...
Fragment of Horse Head Sculpture, 19th Century,...
Antique 19th Century Swedish Baltic Animal Sculptures
Iron, Wood
Fragment of horse head sculpture, 19th century, hand-carved from single piece of wood on later iron Stand. Carved with beautiful details of the mane and halter / bridle.
Gliedermann, Origin Denmark, circa 1860, Featur...
Antique 19th Century Danish Empire Figurative Sculptures
19th century, life-size Gliedermann, origin: Denmark, circa 1860, original color Featured in Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue Spring Fashion Windows, photograph attached.
Large 19th Century Bust of William Shakespeare
Antique 19th Century English Victorian Busts
A large 19th century plaster bust of Shakespeare. A very good study with excellent attention to his expression of deep thought. A fabulous addition for a study or library.  
Relief Bronze Otto Von Bismark Plaque Harro Mag...
Antique 1890s German Aesthetic Movement Wall-mounted Sculptures
A fine antique Robbco bronze relief molded plaque with a profile portrait of Otto Von Bismarck signed H Magnusson and dated 1896. The large rectangular plaque has a crest to the uppe...
Pair of Italian 19th Century Carrara Marble Bus...
Antique 19th Century Italian Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A charming pair of Italian 19th century white carrara marble bust of young Bacchus. Each bust is raised by circular socle pedestals. With wonderful smiling expressions and a crown of...
English Staffordshire Figure of Napoleon, circa...
Antique 1870s British Figurative Sculptures
English Staffordshire figure of Napoleon, circa 1875. With a traditional pose.
German Silver and Coconut Turkey, circa 1890
Antique 1890s German Animal Sculptures
Silver, Coconut
The wings as hinged flaps with detachable head.
French Patinated Bronze, Path of the Roses, by ...
Auguste Moreau
Antique 19th Century French Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
A charming French, 19th century patinated bronze entitled 'Chemin des Roses', Path Of the Roses, by August Moreau. The bronze is raised by a mottled circular Verde Antico marble base...
19th Century, Pair of Marble Statues of a Lady ...
Antique 19th Century French Other Busts
19th century, pair of marble statues lady and a gentleman, French. French made for the Islamic market.  
Large French Ceramic Cockerel, circa 1870
Antique 1870s French Vases
The back formed as a vase. Sculptor: Paul Comolera (signed), Hautin and Boulanger factory.
Large French Ceramic Turkey, circa 1870
Antique 1870s French Vases
The back formed as a vase. Choisy-Le-Roy. Signed Paul Comolera.
English Porcelain Figural Double Coupe, Royal W...
Antique 1890s British Figurative Sculptures
With impressed Worcester mark and puce mark. Depicting two colorful figures reclining against a tree stump, the two coupes with molded basket weave exteriors.
Russian Rare Bronze Dragon Inkwell, 19th Century
Antique Mid-19th Century Russian Inkwells
Russia, 19th century. Bronze dragon standing on a stylized leaf. Magnificent piece which shines with its originality and the chiseling work developed all-over its décors. Dimensio...
The Charioteer of Delphi, Rare Bust from the 19...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Busts
Amazingly beautiful 19th century Italian neoclassical bust of the Charioteer of Delphi. Plaster with an exceptional patina in the absolutely perfect depiction of the aged bronze from...
Large Antique Cast Iron English Lion and Unicor...
Antique Mid-19th Century English Victorian Fireplace Tools and Chimney Pots
Victorian cast iron lion and unicorn painted black fireplace ornaments. They are symbols of the United Kingdom, the lion stands for England and the unicorn for Scotland. The combinat...
Giant Polychromed Eagles, circa 1850
Antique Mid-19th Century Asian Folk Art Figurative Sculptures
Monumental rare pair of carved wood eagles of 100 inches height each. Carved wood, formerly polychromed, base in stylized motives. Beautiful age patine. Spectacular. Amazing an...
Incredible Carved Marble Figure of Reclining Nude
Antique 19th Century Figurative Sculptures
A carved marble figure of a reclining nude, 19th century Measures: Height 16 1/4", Width 25", Depth 11".
Fine Victorian Alabaster Figure of Napoleon Bon...
Antique 1870s English Figurative Sculptures
A fine Victorian alabaster figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, powerfully modelled with his arms folded across his chest, dressed in full military attire with orders, En...
Napoleon III White Marble Three-Piece Garniture...
Raingo Frères
Antique Late 19th Century French Napoleon III Candelabras
Marble, Bronze
A very fine Napoleon III gilt bronze and white marble three-piece Garniture by Raingo Frères. French, circa 1870. Inscribed 'Clodion/1762' and 'Raingo.' The garniture compr...
Vienna Bergman Bronze Owl Situated on Feather M...
Bergmann Foundry
Antique 1890s Austrian Other Figurative Sculptures
Stunning bronze figurine: Bronze owl situated on long feather / obviously this bronze item can be used as tray for writing utensils. - Lovely appearance / finest manufacturing qualit...
Silver 800 Chamois Animal Figurine Hanau German...
Karl Kurz
Antique 1880s German Other Sterling Silver
Gorgeous animal figurine made of silver 800: Chamois. Made in Germany / Hanau 1880-1885 Specifications: Lifelike animal's figurine depicting a chamois / the animal's head is remov...
Stone Sculpture
Antique Early 1800s Chinese Mounted Objects
Stone carved symbol for money. Chinese ancient symbol for money. A solid carved block of stone 3.5 inches thick. Possibly used as a window grate. This stone carving can be used with ...
Wooden Sculpture
Antique 19th Century Thai Mounted Objects
19th century Wooden Cog Sculpture, Utilitarian Art a mounted 19th century wooden Cog. In the 1700 to 1800s this type of Cog was used as a till and or water wheel. Hand-carved and mad...
Rare Cast Iron Bulding Fenders or Carriage Guides
Antique 19th Century American Folk Art Balustrades and Fixtures
Pair of 19th Century French Patinated Bronze Mo...
Guillaume Coustou
Antique 1870s French Napoleon III Figurative Sculptures
Pair of 19th century French patinated bronze models of the Marly Horses.
Bronze Group of a Whippet and Pekingese Dogs, c...
Pierre Jules Mêne
Antique 1880s French Animal Sculptures
Bronze group of a Whippet and Pekingese dogs, inscribed P.J. Mene.
French Patinated Bronze Figural Group of a Monk...
Antique 1880s French Animal Sculptures
French patinated bronze figural group of a monkey in a tree, circa 1880.
Bronze Bust of a Roman Male with Laurel Garland
Antique Late 19th Century French Busts
A small French bronze of a Roman male, late 19th century, superbly detailed cast. Measures: 6.75 inches high. Price includes free shipping to anywhere in the world.
Fine Victorian Alabaster Figure of Arthur Welle...
Antique 1870s English Figurative Sculptures
A fine Victorian alabaster figure of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, powerfully modelled with one arm across his chest holding a scroll and the other behind his back, in full m...
19th Century Plaster Bust
Antique Late 19th Century English Victorian Busts
A good quality plater bust of a late 19th century English gentleman. S Joseph.
19th Century Austrian Roe Deer Trophy Mount
Antique 1880s Austrian Rustic Natural Specimens
A wonderful 19th century Austrian Roe Deer trophy mount with a plaque describing the victor as Sr. Königl Hoheitdem of Demark, who made the kill on 21 November 1881 in Gmunden, Austria.
19th Century Italian Sculpture Madonna with Chi...
Antique 1880s Italian Religious Items
Refined sculpture in wood carved. Refined and delicate figure of Madonna with Child. Sculpture work of great delicacy we ask you to look at the sweetness of the faces. Work expresses...
1890's Terracotta Garland Based with Flowers an...
Antique 1890s French Napoleon III Garden Ornaments
One of a kind "Copa Medicci" in terracotta, with garlands of flowers and fruits. With a terracotta base. From France. In a very good condition. A very deco piece!
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