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Rose Cut Amethyst Rings

Antique Amethyst from Siberia and Rose Cut Diamond Ring, circa 1880
Antique ring in silver and gold possessing a very fine natural Siberian amethyst displaying a pure royal purple color with a hint of red - the classic Siberian color seen in 19th ce...

Early 20th Century Victorian Fashion Rings


Diamond, Amethyst, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver

Alex Soldier Amethyst Peridot Gold Symbolica Ring One of a Kind
By Alex Soldier
Located in New York, NY
Inspired by the grandeur of antiquity, the Symbolica collection is enriched with meaning. The hand-carved gallery that reveals itself through the dramatic amethyst center creates an ...

2010s Contemporary Cocktail Rings


Amethyst, Peridot, Quartz, Gold, 18k Gold, Yellow Gold

Diamonds Yellow and Light Blue Topazes Amethysts Peridot Rose Gold Silver Ring
Fabulous fashion ring in 9K rose gold and silver structure mounted with yellow topazes, light blue topazes, amethysts, green peridot and 9K rose gold and silver leaves detailes studd...

Vintage 1950s Retro Fashion Rings


Amethyst, Diamond, Peridot, Topaz, 9k Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

White Diamonds, Yellow Topaz, Little Amethysts Rose Gold and Silver Flower Ring
Elegant flower shape fashion ring in 9K rose gold and silver mounted with a fabulous yellow topaz in the center, surrounded by little amethysts crown and embellished by 0.77 ct of li...

Vintage 1960s Retro Fashion Rings


Amethyst, White Diamond, Topaz, 9k Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

Dragonfly Amethyst Ruby Sapphire Rose Cut Diamonds 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring
This Ring is made of 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver. This Ring has 0.19 Carats of Rose Cut Diamonds. This Ring has 0.20 Carats of Rubies and Sapphires. This Ring has 0.75 Carats...

Early 20th Century Art Nouveau More Rings


Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, 14k Gold

Amethyst and Rose-Cut Diamond Ring Set in 19 Karat Yellow Gold, circa 1773
This stunning 18th century Amethyst and Rose-Cut Diamond Ring is an incredible antique discovery. Made in 1773 this ring is truly one of a kind. It features a beautiful royal purple ...

Antique 1770s Baroque Three-Stone Rings


Amethyst, Diamond, Gold, Yellow Gold, Enamel

Rose Cut Diamond Amethyst Intaglio Ring Rose of Sharon Antique Victorian Flower
A stunning antique Victorian inlaid intaglio Amethyst Ring. The oval faceted Amethyst is inlaid with Gold and set with Rose Cut Diamonds in a Rose of Sharon flower motif. Craftsman...

Antique 19th Century Victorian Cocktail Rings


Amethyst, Diamond, 10k Gold

10.3 Carat Amethyst Seed Pearl Gold Filigree Ring
This is a grand example of circa 1925 Filigree, with a 10.3 carat rose cut amethyst encircled by seed pearls. The ring is made from 14K white and yellow gold. The pearls are strung o...

Early 20th Century Art Deco Cocktail Rings


Pearl, Amethyst, 14k Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold

Antique Victorian Amethyst Diamond Gold Ring
circa 1890 The ring features a step-cut diamond shape amethyst inlaid with a diamond encrusted panel. The amethyst is set in an ornate bezel embellished with rose cut diamonds....

Antique Late 19th Century Victorian More Rings


Amethyst, Diamond

Enamel Amethyst Rose Cut Diamond Gold Ring
Handmade ring circa 1930-1940 with genuine flat top round Amethyst with faceted crown and pavilion. The center of the Amethyst has a silver tube and is set with a rose cut diamond. B...

Vintage 1930s Fashion Rings


Amethyst, Diamond, 14k Gold, Yellow Gold

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