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Fancy Pink Diamond Set In Diamond Ring

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GIA Certified Fancy Pink Diamond Ring Set in 18 Karat White Gold
Located in Jaipur, IN
A beautiful pink diamond ring with a 0.25 carats GIA Certified Fancy Pink Diamond in the centre and a cluster of smaller white and pink diamonds around and with a line of Pear shape ...

2010s Contemporary Bridal Rings


Diamond, Pink Diamond, White Gold

Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring with White Diamonds Set in Rose Gold and Platinum
By Cellini
Located in New York, NY
Created by Cellini Jewelers, this stunning oval-cut fancy light brownish pink is set in a truly unique 18-karat rose gold and platinum, surrounded by round brilliant pink diamonds an...

Early 2000s Contemporary Bridal Rings


White Diamond, Pink Diamond, Rose Gold, Platinum

2.45 Carat Emerald Cut Fancy Sapphire Set in a Designer Ring
By Malpani Jewels
Located in Hung Hom, HK
2.45 carat of emerald cut sapphires are arranged with 0.47 carat of F color Vs quality of natural white brilliant cut diamond.

2010s Modern Cocktail Rings


Diamond, White Diamond, Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Green Sa...

Finding the Right Rings for You

Antique and vintage rings have long held a special place in the hearts of fine jewelry lovers all over the world.

No matter their origin or specific characteristics, rings are timeless, versatile accessories. They’ve carried deep meaning since at least the Middle Ages, when diamond rings symbolized strength and other kinds of rings were worn to signify romantic feelings or to denote an affiliation with a religious order. Rings have also forever been emblematic of eternity.

Over time, rings have frequently taken the form of serpents, which have long been associated with eternal life, health and renewal. Italian luxury jewelry house Bvlgari has become famous for its widely loved Serpenti motif, for example, and its Serpenti ring, like the other accessories in the collection, began as an homage to jewelry of the Roman and Hellenistic eras. The serpent is now a popular motif in fine jewelry. Jewelry devotees have long pined for rings adorned with reptiles, thanks to antique Victorian rings — well, specifically, Queen Victoria’s illustrious engagement ring, which took the form of a gold snake set with rubies, diamonds and an emerald (her birthstone). Designs for Victorian-era engagement rings often featured repoussé work and chasing, in which patterns are hammered into the metal.

Engagement rings, which are reliably intimidating to shop for, are still widely recognized as symbols of love and commitment. The most collectible engagement rings are those from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras. Named for the monarchies of the four King Georges, who in succession ruled England starting in 1714 (plus King William’s reign), antique Georgian rings, be they engagement rings or otherwise, are also coveted by collectors. Pearls, along with colored gemstones like garnets, rubies and sapphires, were widely used in Georgian jewelry. The late-1700s paste jewelry was a predecessor to what we now call fashion or costume jewelry.

The Art Nouveau movement (1880–1910) brought with it rings inspired by the natural world. Antique Art Nouveau rings might feature depictions of winged insects and fauna as well as women, who were simultaneously eroticized and romanticized, frequently with long flowing hair. Art Deco jewelry, on the other hand, which originated during the 1920s and ’30s, is by and large “white jewelry.” White metals, primarily platinum, were favored over yellow gold in the design of antique Art Deco rings and other accessories as well as geometric motifs, with women drawn to the era’s dazzling cocktail rings in particular.

Whether you’re hunting down a chunky classic for a Prohibition-themed cocktail party or seeking a clean contemporary design to complement your casual ensemble, find an exquisite collection of antique, new and vintage rings on 1stDibs.