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Beach Bungalow 8

Megan Arquette of beachbungalow8.blogspot.com shows that in California the name Arquette is not limited to famous thespians. Her husband, one of those acting Arquettes, is also known as the “go-to guy” for property rentals in the Hollywood entertainment industry, as his equally industrious wife has taken on both interior design and blogging. Megan Arquette’s fame came when she literally took a page out of her friend, Victoria Smith’s, playbook and created a blog of her own. Established last year, Arquette’s blog is inspired by Smith’s sfgirlbybay blogspot about which Megan claims there exists no sense of competition, “at least none that I am aware of.” In fact, in the bold new world of blogging, there is more of an esprit de corps than competitiveness. Having started her blog from the vantage point of her interior design company, “Bungalow” (founded in 2005 with partner Allison Sutherland), Arquette has a multi-layered view for her blog. Beachbunglow8 may have started off as an interior designer’s inner musings, but it has become known for Arquette’s unique feature, “room thought pieces” or “Object Lessons.”
Other Bloggers often seem amused by Arquette’s original blog themes, especially Object Lesson where she finds a typical household object and creates a room around it. Recently, the post featured a coffee can from which Arquette designed a complete vignette. Arquette says, “I created a whole room around that coffee can, and some of my bloggers sent me me-ssages that were like, ‘What the heck…?’ but for me it’s thinking outside the box. Taking a coffee can and creating a whole mise en scene, I then zip to the pages of 1stdibs.com, and think, ‘Now if I start with this coffee can, what else would be cool in this room?’” The results from her ordinary Object Lesson projects are inspiringly fresh and anything but ordinary.
Arquette says, “I am an interior designer by trade, but at the end of a long work day, I still find things that inspire me…radically different things, in fact.” To begin shifting gears to write beachbungalow8, Arquette takes off her interior designer’s hat — which she describes as best likened to a velvet Napoleonic tri-corner adorned with a long peasant tail feather – and dons her rugged blogging cap — with a pair of heavy duty design goggles.
This mental exercise is her prerequisite for preparation to voyeuristically traverse the landscape of interior design—and then to write about it.
Arquette explains, “My client at the moment is a jeweler who wants me to take her 1970’s office space and transform it into a jewel box… a boutique.” Hmm…obviously a couturier’s atelier off the Rue St. Honoré comes to mind, but given the acoustic tile ceilings and vertical plastic blinds of the office, this is going to take a massive ret-hinking, but Arquette has discovered Vanessa de Vargas whose expertise of employing vintage furnishings to a project will surely glam up the jeweler’s digs. Arquette says, “This design re-do is a perfect exam-ple of the intersection of my design work and my blog.” Her pieces such as terrific Louis chairs that are coated in groovy paint colors are completely re–imagined — says, Arquette, “I might blog about the whole process.”
The Daughter of an architect father who worked with Mies van der Rohe and a writer mother, is used to an organic design sensibility. She laughingly recalls her teenage angst when her mother would invite her young friends to have a seat in the “womb” chair. Arquette says, “Now I call my parents up and ask ‘Are you still using that womb chair?’”

Her childhood home that was crammed with Mid-Century wonders, that at one time she thought were plainly “weird,” are now more than ever, admired – and to no one greater than she.

With her husband, Nicholas, and daughters, Delilah and Charlotte, Arquette great-ly enjoys her own Los Angeles beach bungalow as the perfect retreat for their otherwise hectic lives. It’s is not only acting that gets the Arquettes noticed.

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